Godley Gifts

  • For the past 20 years, David has written and appeared in a wide variety of New Zealand television programmes including “Letter to Blanchy” and “McPhail and Gadsby”.

  • Cover to Cover are an excellent supplier of award winning craftsmanship.

  • Mike has worked with a wide variety of clients and their projects in his career and excels in complete project management.

  • Rainbow Print, set up a business to challenge the notion that print service had to be limited.

  • Craig was a true asset to the concept development, creation, production and quality of the Godley Gifts project in its entirety.

For further details on the ‘Godley Gifts’ book set please contact:

JRG Memorial Trustees
Haydn Rawstron (settlor)
Email: haydn.fenice@gmail.com
Tel: 0044 1303 264 063

Canterbury Association,
29a High Street (1st Floor)
West Wickham, Kent BR4 0LP

Dorothee Rawstron

Marilyn Varnam

Shirley Rawstron
Tel: 0064 3 322 7314
JRG Memorial Trust
Lansdown Homestead
122 Old Tai Tapu Road
Christchurch, New Zealand

The John Robert Godley Memorial Trust was established a decade ago to support Canterbury Heritage in general; Canterbury heritage architecture in particular; and classical music within Canterbury. The Trust has invested much into its objectives over the past ten years. One of its major projects is the marketing of its recent publication, Godley Gifts, from the profits of which it is planned to support choral scholarships at ChristChurch Cathedral, among other things.

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