Godley Gifts

Craig Dixon - Project Manager

Craig delights in multi tasking. By profession he is an ordained Anglican Priest, serving for over 25 years in the Diocese of Christchurch. He is currently employed by ChristChurch Cathedral as their Marketing and Development Manager 4.5 days a week. Craig has had a life-long interest in the graphic arts. He has received recognition for his drawing ability and continues to develop these skills. Craig began a part-time design and communication business in the 1990’s promoting quality resources for churches. This has developed into collaborative activity with his friend and now business associate, Mike Coker of Quiqcorp. Craig delights in great design and the production of high quality materials.

His involvement with ‘Seadrift’ came about through his role as Chairperson of the 2006 Sesquicentennial celebrations for the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch.

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