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The proceeds from the sale of the Limited Edition of 100 sets of Godley Gifts go entirely to charity. The Christchurch-based charitable trust named in memory of Canterbury's founder, John Robert Godley, was gifted the manuscript of Seadrift by the Godley family, in 2000, to mark the sesqui-centennary of Canterbury. The trust has paid all costs of the Limited Edition and is sole owner of the rights to Seadrift and any income that results from the sale of the Limited Edition.

The John Robert Godley Memorial Trust aims to support Canterbury's heritage. It is particularly keen to see acknowledged, the work and vision of the historic Canterbury Association (1848-1853) and the role played by its Agent-General, John Robert Godley.


It also aims to support Canterbury arts and culture, with special reference to music and heritage architecture. Part of the Trust's work is dedicated to strengthening the common heritage between Christ Church, Oxford, and the eponymous Christchurch, New Zealand.

The income from the sale of twelve sets of Godley Gifts has already been committed to the special 4.5 million dollar endowment fund for the choir of New Zealand's ChristChurch Cathedral (20 treble choristers; 6 Lay Clerks and 6 Godley-Wakefield Scholars).

  • All profits from the remaining sales of the limited edition booksets go towards supporting Canterbury's heritage and culture.

John Robert Godley

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